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1) As much detailed information about your trip such as the specific cities you will be staying in and the duration of your stay in each city.

2) A list of any medications you are taking (even non-prescription medications, or medications you take only occasionally).

3) Any immunization records you may have. If you do not have your immunization record, ask your family physician to fax our office a copy of your immunization record – our fax number at the Queen location is 416-461-3129, our fax number at the Sheppard location is 416-630-1323, and at the Etobicoke location it is (416) 626-8286. Coming prepared with your immunization record can save you money and time, that said if you can not get hold of your immunization record do not worry we can still proceed with the consultation.

4) Your health card.

5) Any information about your private health insurance (if applicable). We do not do direct billing for insurance, this is so you will be able to contact your insurance company to check your coverage.


Step 1: You will be asked to fill out a form about your health and the trip you are planning.

Step 2: One of our travel specialists will review this form with you and talk to you about specific vaccinations and medications recommended/required for your travel.

Step 3: You will receive your vaccinations. After receiving your vaccinations we require you to stay in the clinic for 15 minutes  for observation.

In all this process takes 1-2 hours.

Yes, the following vaccines are required:

YELLOW FEVER VACCINE – Required for some countries in Africa and South America. *The Travel Vaccine Clinic can provide you with the International Certificate of Vaccination at your appointment.

MENINGOCOCCAL VACCINE (against A, C, Y, W-135) – Required for Hajj visit to Saudi Arabia. *The Travel Vaccine Clinic can provide you with a Certificate of Vaccination. (According to the CDC website Hajj visas cannot be issued without proof of meningococcal vaccination see

CHOLERA VACCINE – Required for some countries in Central and North Africa. Some local African authorities still demand cholera vaccination. Without proof of vaccination, they may insist on vaccination at the border upon your arrival. Since needles are reused in some areas, it is wise to vaccinate in Canada where effective oral vaccines are available and proper hygiene is used.

We are trained to deal with different medical conditions that could be aggravated by travelling.

Listed below are some conditions that we are up-to-date on:

  • Diabetes: A long flight can cause changes in your blood sugar. You might need to adjust your insulin.
  • Asthma: Poor air quality in places like Mexico City can make it hard to breathe. You might need to increase your medication or carry antibiotics to be used if you develop a respiratory infection.
  • Pregnancy: Consultations on vaccinating, flying and traveling while pregnant.
  • If you carry a needle for self-injecting medications, you should request a letter from our doctor confirming the use of needles. Some medicines such as painkillers may also require documentation to allow you to carry your medicine overseas. Speak to our specialists about getting the right documentation.
  • Keep medicine in its original labelled bottle or container.
  • Bring more medicine than you need.
  • Follow your medication’s storage requirements – if something needs to be refrigerated at home, it’s still necessary to refrigerate it on vacation.
  • Fly with medicines in your carry-on luggage (medications that are checked may be lost or frozen).
  • Consider giving small amounts of critical medicines to a travel companion in case you become separated from your hand luggage (not for border crossings!)
  • Carry copies of your prescriptions and a complete list of your drugs (with brand and dosage) in your carry-on luggage as well as in another part of your luggage. This helps if you are asked about a medication you are carrying or if you lose something that you need to replace.
  • List of Major Insurance Companies phone numbers and Drug Identification Numbers
  • Contact info for Ontario Public Health Unit. They generally will fax your complete school vaccination record at no charge.
  • Advisories: To find up-to-date information on health safety and precautions in travel destinations, click on Advisories.
Designated as a Yellow Fever Centre by the government of Canada, our clinic issues an official Yellow Fever Certificate as a proof of immunization so you can obtain your travel visa and/or pass through customs/immigration without problems. We follow the latest recommendations and requirements for all vaccines needed worldwide. In addition the staff and doctors will assist you in any cautioning regarding information on new diseases and epidemics that may be occurring. The clinic is equipped with the most up-to-date information and patient handouts.